Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

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 Unforgettable Trip FORKOMBI (Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Batang indonesia)

Last week, we are forum university students from Batang having event about Education. We  went visit and taeched in elementary school and junior high school one roof,Silurah Sodong  kec.Wonotunggal kab.Batang. The students very interested with the university students, and show performance like a phantomim,singing, and read a poetry. We are there, gave the students motivation to continued in senior high school although condition economy not supported. We hope after gave the motivation many students could continued in senior high school.

Phantomim perform

Singing perform

After from the school we visited headmaster house, then we went refreshing to Waterfall GANESHA SODONG kab.Batang with my friend. The way to waterfall very extream route, but we felt fun with playfull about anythings jokes. Altough triped very tired we fun when walked together. When i saw the waterfall i felt free.

Extream route

 In the waterfall we played water, swam, and don’t forget to take a picture.  Besides, I also could see everything in the ground. It was very small and looked very beautiful. It was the experience that would never be forgotten by our.

Ganesha waterfall

At 18.00 o’clock we went home.
It was my new family’s trip that day was very exhausted, but very pleased.After that, I decided to take rest in order to prepare energy for activities in the next day.

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