Senin, 02 Maret 2015

Narrative text


Sunday morning. I woke up from my sleep that soundly. "Whhooahhm," The cool breeze hit this body. Ah yes, I almost forgot, I have to pick up my cousin brother and collectively exercise plan. Soon I changed clothes, then kupacu bike to her house.

"wait..," he said simply. Huh, always be so. It's been a long wait, almost oversleep again. We both cycled down the road.
Suddenly, I felt a sudden kunaiki bike swerved. Geez, flat bicycle tire. Fortunately, near here there are gas stations that provide aeration.

After filling the wind, we were both re-cycling. We cycled with fun, until the streets are declining - and I think it's pretty steep. I had to put the brakes on my bike, but unexpectedly, my brakes suddenly jammed! Oh God, what else is! I do not know what else I should do. However, suddenly his brake function again, just wheel my bike almost bumped into the back of a truck in front of me.

"Huu, the sound of screaming strangest I've ever heard," said my brother snickered and laughed when he heard screams. I am very scared.
"You do not know this is very scary, men DEAD, DEAD! By the way what my voice was heard loud? "I asked. He was just laughing alone.

Hmm, better I continued cycling towards an army field -the our original goal. However, on the way I saw a beggar concern. His hands were bandaged, and weak helpless sitting on the sidewalk. I can not bear to see it. I gave him the money of thousands, and quickly I was chasing my brother who was already far ahead of me.

I and my brother were in the area of ​​the field. We both ran around the field for several rounds. In the second round, at the corner of the field which is rather dense and there is a large statue I saw there was someone who was undressing. But wait, is not he a beggar who was? He was able to walk? And bandages that stick in his hand is not there? "Why? Come quickly, gymnastic would begin tuh, "suddenly pulled my brother. I'm not ignoring 'the man'. We both kept running to the venue of morning exercise.

My sister and I got there just before the music is played. "Yeah, let's exercising fun .." my brother said eagerly. I just laugh. We both exercising follow the movements of the instructor. I saw on the left, my brother even more like ducks that panic chased the dog - I guess, prancing not follow the movements of the instructor. Then I saw in the right hand, and my God .. I had seen people change clothes in the corner of the field, and the beggar! True, it turns out he is. Face and posture similar to - and it was him. Her dress, was very dingy, even torn in the arm. Now changed drastically, well-dressed and did not look looking puppy. He turned to me. I quickly looked away to avoid suspicion. I continued my gym.

Gymnastics was over five minutes ago. My sister and I sat unwind. "That was a perfect movement. What can I learn? "I scoffed.
"That was a movement not just any movement. No way "he said curtly. I then took a drink that I brought from home. I drank a little. i see my right - left to see the situation. Rather quiet, perhaps many who return after last gymnastics. I drink another drink, turning to the right. Hah !! He again! 'Someone' who earlier. Oh god .. I got to wonder if this guy followed me, or how. I peek at the contents of the bag were half open. Sure enough, there are clothes that are used to 'operate'. Hands gripping a cell phone or HP. It was unusual, almost everyone have it. However, this is not just HP, but HP sophisticated that not just anyone have it and still rare. I nudged my sister and glanced. He just smiled.

We both then walked to the parking lot, ready to go home. On the way I talk to my sister about beggars earlier. My sister later told me that in fact he already knows that beggar. He has a terraced house. And more horrendous again, he has two wives. So in fact, who is he?

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