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Discussion text about handphone

      Lately we are faced with the school regulation that prohibits students to bring a hand phone in the school. This regulation is caused by the rise of misusing a hand phone which facilitates communication, but with a massive development in technology, hand phone turns to be a smartphone. The prohibition of bringing smartphone to school creates different opinion between the school and parents. So, what is their point of view about the rules?
Student’s abusing smartphone is a major cause of banning to bring smartphone in the school. Of course we still remember the spread of immoral video of junior high children recorded in the classroom and watched by their friends. this frightens the school. Youth is a great imitating period. But they still cannot differentiate which is good or bad for them. So students abuse the convenience provided by smartphone. that is one example of the negative effects caused by smartphone.

       However, not a few people who disagree to the regulation. Some parents think that the ban of bringing hand phone in the school is not appropriate. They argue that it makes their children difficult to contact them or their family if there are other activities outside. Moreover, if there is something unwanted happens, such as accidents or kidnapping, the hand phone is very necessary. In addition, parents are also easier to control their childrem when they bring hand phone.
       Regardless of the pros and cons of the rule, of course both of them have their benefits. But it is basically back to the individual. Certainly the role of teachers and parents are very important in educating children’s moral and mental. So they do not abuse the hand phone. Both sides should sit down together and determine the proper regulation for their best.

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