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1. One Work by One Author
Book : Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays                                                               

Author : Frye
Year : 1957
Publisher : Princeton University Press,1957
Quotation & Citation : Frye consciously omits all specific and practical criticism,instead offering classically inspired theories of modes ,symbols,myths and genres, in what he termed “an interconnected group of sussestions.”

2. One Work by Multiple Author s
Book : The horizon teport 2009 edition
Author : Johson, L., Levine, A., & Smith, R.

Year : 2009                                                                             
City : Texas
Publisher : The Horizon Report. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.
Quotation & Citation : The Horizon Report introduces six emerging technologies or practices that are likely to enter mainstream use in learning focused.

3. Groups as Authors
Book : Organization for economic Co-operation and Development 2007 (OECD)
Author : Babies and bosses,reconciling work and family life
Year : 2007
City : Paris
Publisher :
OECD PUBLICATIONS, 2, rue André-Pascal, 75775 PARIS
Quotation & Citation : OECD Publishing disseminates widely the results of the organization’s stastistics gathering and research on economic, social and enviromental issues, as well as the conventions, guidelines and standards agreed by its members.

4. Authors With the Surname
Book : Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Linguistics
Author : Keith Johson & Helen Johson
Year : 1998
City : Washington DC
Publisher : Black Well
Quotation & Citation : Keith Johson and Johson (1998) found that “ Educational Linguistic is a relatively new linguistics sub-discipline concerning the full range of questions of the relation between language and education“

5. Two or More Works Within the Same Parentheses
Book :
Pattems of Psychological State Anxiety in Public Speaking as a Function of Anxiety Sensitivity
Author :
Ralph R. Behnke and Chris R. Sawyer
Year : 1981
City : Texas
Publisher :
Texas Christian University
Quotation & Citation :
As a result, researchers began to "unravel the ball of string" in an effort to determine the major anxiety producing moments or events. In so doing, they took
multiple measurements before, during, and after speaking in an effort to determine the
pattern of psychological and physiological anxiety associated with the presentation of
public speeches (Behnke & Beatty, 1981a, 1981b; Behnke & Carlile, 1971; Carlile,
Behnke, & Kitchens, 1977; Clevenger, Motley, & Carlile, 1967).

6. Secondary Sources
Book : Language assesment Principles and Classroom practices
Author : H.Douglas Brown
Year : 2004
City : America
Publisher : Printed United State of America
Quotation & Citation : “ Implied in some of the earlier description of perfomance-based classroom assesment is a trend to supplement traditional test designs with alternatives that are more authentic in their elicitation of meaningful communication.(as cited from Armstrong,1994,and Bailey,1998,p.207).

7. Classical Work
Book :
Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison
Author :
Foucault, M. (1991 [1977])
Year : 1991
City : London
Publisher :
Pantheon Books, in English
Quotation & Citation : “
He believes that the question of the nature of these changes is best asked by assuming that they weren't used to create a more humanitarian penal system, nor to more exactly punish or rehabilitate, but as part of a continuing trajectory of subjection. Foucault wants to tie scientific knowledge and technological development to the development of the prison to prove this point. (trans. A. Sheridan), London,Penguin.

8. Citing Specific Parts of Source
Book : ‘Fantasy, franchises, and Frodo Baggins: The Lord of the Rings and modern Hollywood’,The Velvet Light Trap
Author :
Thompson, K.
Year : 2003
City : English
Publisher :
Princeton University Press.
Quotation & Citation : “
Along with Tolkien's other writings, The Lord of the Rings has been subjected to extensive analysis of its literary themes and origins. Although a major work in itself, the story is merely the last movement of a larger mythological cycle, or legendarium, that Tolkien had worked on for many years” (The Lord of the Rings and modern Hollywood’,
The Velvet Light Trap, vol. 52, no. 3, pp. 45–63.)

9. Personal Communications
Author :
Natasha Baker
Year : 2015
City :
Publisher :
Quotation & Citation :
We are inviting all Local Education Agencies and Public School Academies that wish to apply to review the approved professional development list and submit an application in MEGS+. (personal communication,January 8, 2015)

10. Citations in Parenthethical Material
Book : English Grammar for Today A new introduction                                  

Author : Geoffrey Leech, Margaret Deuchar, Robet Hoogenraad
Year : 1982
Publisher : Macmillan
Quotation & Citation : “ The bracketing are easy to use, but they do not give a very clear visual picture of the relation between constituents. For this, when we want to, we can replace the brackets by a TREE DIAGRAM (see Fingure 2.1)

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