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Name   : Edo Winarko
NPM   : 0630090811
Class    : PBI 5 A

1.      Explain  this term briefly!
a.       Plagiarism is The author uses the words of other writers (exactly), without citing sources.
b.      Self-plagiarism is when taking his own works, the creation of new works produced must have a meaningful change.
c.       Direct quotation is quote research, work, or the opinions of others that presentation is identical to the original text and mention the reference
d.      Paraphrasing is revealed the idea / ideas of others by using their own words, without changing the intent or meaning of the idea / ideas to keep mentioning the source.
e.       Reference list is a list that contains all the reading materials that are used as reference material in the writing of scientific papers such as papers, theses, thesis, reports, theses, and research. Selection of bibliography should be strictly in accordance with the main issues discussed in the paper.

2.      Please quote a theory from the sources using direct quotation, then paraphrase the theory; provide its citation!

Author (s)

Direct Quotation

Journal Article (printed)
Little, P.F.B.
Collaborative Teaching comprises teaching a class with two adult educators who may not be from the same field of teaching and who share planning, teaching and evaluating responsibilities (Little, 2005).
English teacher and subject lecturers can serve as a
bridge between the students and the English teacher’s viewpoint and what the subject lecturer require.
 Journal Article (online)

Intan Rahayu
Vocabulary is an important aspectin learning English, because it is basic knowledge to learn the other English
skills, such as reading, speaking, writing and listening.
Teaching vocabulary is one way to
improve students’ knowledge in order to be able to learn English.
 Online newspaper Article

Muhadjir Effendy
The rector of Malang Muhammadiyah University in East Java, Muhadjir Effendy (2014), said he was expecting to see the merger encourage students to conduct quality research
The main purpose of university-based research is to provide students with a learning medium. So it focuses more on the research procedure, not the product.
 Printed book (two author)

Suzzane Eggins & Diana Slade
Sociolinguistic approaches arise from the interdiciplinary connection between sociology/anthropology and linguistic.( Eggins & Slade, 1997)
the interdiciplinary connection between sociology/anthropology and linguistic causes Sociolinguistic approaches.
Printed book (group as author)

Pro Lingua Associates
The techniques are classroom practices that may take a full 50-minute class. There is typically a beginning (presentation), middle (practice), and end (production) to the full lesson. A sampling of the techniques includes.
Techniques usually focus on practice, and often require only a few minutes of class time. Frequently they are used spontaneously, as an error or question occurs in a lesson. They usually focus on a pronunciation, vocabulary, or grammar problem.
 Electronic-only book
Andrew Radford, Martin Atkinson, David Britain, Harald Clahsen and Andrew
Radford et al. (2009) A native speaker of English will recognise that such a sequence of sentences.
Native speaker can be made in connection with a variety of other constructions in English and other languages
Proceeding published in book form
Anis baswedan
Baswedan (2013) says Education must move. That is why through a movement "Indonesia Teaches" he instruct to educate children living in inland areas. It is for the improvement of standards of education and prepare Indonesian children to be ready to compete in the future.
with Indonesia Teaching, remote areas can be met the need for the presence of teachers and principals who are competent.
Final project
Wahyu Choirul Huda
Video media is one of the tools that can help the teacher sends the materials to the students. The students catch the material by listening and watching. Video media shows the animation picture and the sound that contains the material. Usually, the students are likely to get material by watching or listening than orally by the teacher. With this media, the students will be more interest to giving attention to the the lesson

Video media can help the students to improve their pronounciation ability. This media shows the animation picture and audio that can be attenting by the students

3.      References list :

Baswedan, A. (2013). “Membangun Karakter Bangsa Melalui Pendidikan” Muhammadiyah Educations Awards 2013 in University Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). Malang Jawa timur

Effendy M. (2014). Students must benefit from higher education reform: experts. . The Jakarta Post. Retrieved from

Little, P.F.B. (2005). Peer coaching as a support to collaborative teaching.USA.
Mentoring and Tutoring Journal, Vol 13, No.1, pp. 83-94.

Pro Lingua Associates (2004). Teaching Languages for Communication and Accuracy:
Classroom Techniques and Tactics.
. New York, U.S: Pro Lingua Associates

Radford et al. (2009). Linguistic an Introduction (n.d.). Retrieved from
(ISBN-13 978-0-511-47924-3)

Rahayu I (2014). Enriching students vocabulary by using combining excluision brainstorming and vocabulary self collection strategies for young learners Retrieved from

S. Eggins & D. Slade (1997) Analysing Casual Conversation  
   London: Cassell

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